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    From Holger Granholm@2:20/228 to Ed Vance on Sat Mar 24 09:31:00 2018
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    Well it's night already when you posted this mail so let's say

    GN Ed,

    Right, but you are alloowed to use CW over the entire band segment reserved to amateur radio.


    When I was using HF RTTY I'd send my Call Sign in CW prior to start

    That has never been a requirement here.

    Back then (late 1970's) I used that method of ID'ing because I
    thought I had see mention of it in something that I read.

    I have never seen such info.

    The Mouse is on my desk and my arm sometimes aches when using it a
    long time.

    I'm wondering if anyone makes a Clipboard with a Leg Clamp attached

    My stationary machines are towers and even though the height of towers
    has shrunk through the years, I raise them with something so the top
    comes up to seat height.

    My laptops have a joystick in the middle of the keyboard, even the Dell,
    so I don't a mouse with them. I became used to the joystick on my Lenovo
    (IBM ThinkPads) laptops so I became very glad when the Dell I received
    as a XMAS present in 2015, also had the joystick.

    I don't know what a BandAid graphic is supposed to look like.

    Were You able to see the Bandaid image in that message I wrote to

    If the character (sign) # is called BandAid I see them.

    That character is on the keyboards Shift-3. No need for codes.

    GN es CU AGN, Sam, OH0NC

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