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    From Holger Granholm@2:20/228 to Nil Alexandrov on Fri Mar 2 09:32:00 2018
    In a message on 03-01-18 Nil Alexandrov said to All:

    Hello Nil,

    ARRL proposes to provide Technician licensees, present and future,
    with phone privileges at 3.900 to 4.000 MHz, 7.225 to 7.300 MHz, and
    21.350 to 21.450 MHz, plus RTTY and digital privileges in current Technician allocations on 80, 40, 15, and 10 meters.

    Yes we know that. It's all in the ARLB007 bulletin published in the
    LS_ARRL echo. Thanks anyway for the info to those that don't read that.

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