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    From Holger Granholm@2:20/228 to Al Kaiser on Wed Feb 7 09:00:00 2018
    In a message on 02-06-18 Al Kaiser said to Holger Granholm:

    GM Al,

    Well thanks. I've been able to add 17 meters to the catches. Still
    no luck on 40 but at time they have had an amazingly good signal.
    They are light on 15 hand has not been good at all.

    After I had completed the 5-band DXCC I turned to 80m and when I had 105 countries on that band I turned over to VHF and then to UHF and SHF.

    Maybe they'll work some RTTY this weekend in the CQ WPX Contest.
    I'm always up for a good RTTY contest.

    I have collected many awards and won lots of contests but I have steered
    clear of the digital modes, except for a short spell on RTTY B4 heading
    to a DXpedition to OJ0 (Market Reef) to work HF RTTY and VHF MS.

    I've been to OJ0 four times for VHF/UHF activity while other members of
    the expeditions have concentrated on HF.

    CU AGN, Sam, OH0NC

    aka Holger

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