• Fire Extinguisher Recall

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    Earlier this month I learned there was a Recall on some Fire
    Extinguishers made by Kidde.

    Here are two URL's about this.

    I had to split the first URL in 3 sections.

    https://www.cpsc.gov/Recalls/2018/Kidde-Recalls-Fire-Extinguishers- with-Plastic%20Handles-Due-to-Failure-to-Discharge-and-Nozzle- Detachment-One-Death-Reported


    There is a Link on this Kidde page about the Recall.

    I called the Toll Free telephone number and told the person the
    Model Number, Serial Number and Date Code of each of my two
    Kidde Fire Extinguishers.

    They sent me replacement Fire Extinguishers with instructions
    about how to return the Recalled Fire Extinguisher(s) to them.

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