• Outernet

    From Richard Menedetter@2:310/31 to All on Sat Nov 11 21:39:00 2017
    Hi All!

    Outernet had a sales, and I bought a Outernet SBC/SDR for 39 USD.
    Just arrived, and seems nice.
    It is a ARM computer with 512 MB of RAM and an RTLSDR built in.

    They also sent me a L-band antenna that would cost 25 USD for free ...
    Maybe an error on their side, maybe they had too many lying around?

    Sadly they removed most information from their website:


    There are 2 SD card images available, ARMbian (normal linux) and Skylark (which
    is their hit on the outernet file

    They pay for a small channel on 3 satellites and transfer some information over
    They broadcast approx. 20 MB of data. (Wikipedia articles, news, APRS messages,

    Anyways ... it was definitely worth the 40 USD to me, for the HW alone.
    It can be used as a normal SDR, and it has an L-Band LNA and filter port as well.

    CU, Ricsi

    --- GoldED+/LNX
    * Origin: Yeah, but what's the speed of DARK? (2:310/31)