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    From Holger Granholm@2:20/228 to Kurt Weiske on Tue Aug 8 09:57:00 2017
    In a message on Tuesday 08-07-17 Kurt Weiske said to All:

    Good morning Kurt.

    I read that powerline ethernet adapters can cause serious
    interference in some bands, and I've noticed a lot of RF
    hum on my shortwave radio.

    Yes we are experiencing a lot of interference from powerline
    adapters,and there is no authority here on the Aland Islands that
    can/could enforce the regulations concerning PLC via powerline.

    We are though happy that all electrical and phone lines are buried in
    the ground, and not carried in the air.

    Does anyone here have any experience with SW/HAM radio and powerline adapters to confirm?

    According to the regulations concerning any PLC transfer, the
    frequencies that cover ham bands and other important transmissions must
    be notched out from the transmissions. That concerns also powerline
    adapters, but trying to get the authorities to take action against them
    is very difficult.

    Once the PLC signals enter the house wiring they are of course radiating
    their transmissions all over.

    Have a nice day,


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