• Re: getting everything in

    From Holger Granholm@2:20/228 to Orbitman on Mon Aug 7 12:49:00 2017
    In a message on Monday 08-06-17 Orbitman said to All:

    Hi Allen,

    Orbitman> I took the entire station apart today and rearranged it a bit. Orbitman> Looks better now and it's a bit more comfortable.

    Orbitman> Everything is working nicely and I've made almost a dozen hf Orbitman> contacts in the last few days :)

    Orbitman> My callsign is: KG4CNA. Maybe we'll run into each other one
    Orbitman> day!

    Welcome, as they say "they always come back", hi.

    CU AGN, Sam, OH0NC

    aka Holger

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