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    Orbitman wrote to All <=-

    I've been getting my station back into shape the last couple of weeks.
    I had a period of "non-interest" in ham radio for the last couple of years.

    My callsign is: KG4CNA. Maybe we'll run into each other one day!

    Welcome back. :-)

    I have a dual band in my pickup and keep it scanning when I'm in the
    truck, but that's about it lately... My wife likes it when the
    weather is bad and there's stuff to 'report' and such, but she's
    not a chatter. :-)

    I have a hand me down HF rig and homemade antenna, but I've not
    gotten them setup yet. I have an HT that stays by the bed and I
    have a little mag mount antenna for it that's by the window. I
    can hit the local repeater just fine with it, so that's all I
    need right now.

    I'm KM4UXV and my wife is KM4UXW - she's tech, I'm general.


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