• getting everything in shape...

    From Orbitman@1:123/400 to All on Sun Aug 6 20:33:30 2017
    I've been getting my station back into shape the last couple of weeks. I had
    a period of "non-interest" in ham radio for the last couple of years.

    I took the entire station apart today and rearranged it a bit. Looks better now and it's a bit more comfortable.

    My station consists of an older beast-of-a-radio Kenwood TS-940S hf rig, a Yaesu FT-900 hf radio and an old ADI AR-146 2 meter radio. Antennas are a half-wave 20 meter dipole, a half-wave 75/80 meter dipole (which works very well on 40 meters too) and a copper j-pole antenna for 2 meters. No external tuner. Both hf radios have internal tuners that do the job just fine.

    Band conditions have been so-so lately, coming and going as they do. I've
    been spending time on 20 meters and 75/80 meters mostly and chatting with
    some locals on the 2 meter repeater.

    Everything is working nicely and I've made almost a dozen hf contacts in the last few days :)

    My callsign is: KG4CNA. Maybe we'll run into each other one day!

    Orbitman (Allen)
    Opp, Alabama, USA

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