• SW radio (was: Sad news.)

    From Richard Menedetter@2:310/31 to Holger Granholm on Sat Dec 17 02:28:46 2016
    Hi Holger!

    14 Dec 2016 09:35, from Holger Granholm -> Richard Menedetter:

    I have never let go of my SW-capable radios,
    I am quit new to the hobby ... but I bought a cheap Tecsun PL-600
    radio. Works OK ... not as good as devices costing multiples of
    it, but well enough for me very seldom use of it.
    My reason to stay with the NordMende's are, except the SW/Ham-bands,
    the large oval speaker, that gives a very natural sound.

    I was looking for a not so expensive way to get a glance.
    Sound quality is definitely not en par withyour devices.

    But it still was nice to listen to a SSB contest on the radio, when I was away from my SW transceiver ;)

    Sadly I use it very little ...

    CU, Ricsi

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