• MFJ-1775 Dipole

    From Al Kaiser@1:142/926 to All on Tue Oct 18 06:26:33 2016
    Anyone have any experience with this antenna. It is a 2 meter to 40 meter rotorable dipole that I am considering putting up on the top of the tower.

    I have an unused coax up there now that I've removed the 435 MHz beam that never worked out. The dipole is about 14 feet long.

    Any one have one and how does it perform? It would be at about 65 feet so well in open air.

    Nother question for you antenna experts. Lets say you take a 1/2 wave vertical flip it horizontally and mount it like a dipole but still feed it like a vertical from the bottom, how then would it radiate? Would part of the signal radiate into the ground? Or would it radiate like a one element beam that
    you could rotate and point in the directon you want to shoot the signal toward?

    Just a thought, not planning on trying it but would be interesting to know how it would perform.


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