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    Hello Jimmy,

    OK first, please tell me what you put into the expression "HAM" that
    you use so frequently.

    Amatuer Radio - be it the user, the equipment, whatever.

    use HAM and have family far off. If a disaster hit and they needed

    'Use HAM', what is that??

    Use a amateur radio - that better?

    through the HAM, through the radio network to a place that DOES have Internet service, then be delivered to their family in Chicago.

    And again, what does 'through the HAM' mean?

    Via the radio waves that amatuer operators use.

    Thank you for the explanations.

    I am a licensed radio amateur (= a HAM) since 65 years back, and have
    read, mostly american litterature, about amateur radio (= ham radio),
    since maybe 1946.

    So far I have never heard/read, anybody using the term HAM, as loosely
    as you do. That's why I had to ask.

    CU L8ER,


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