• VHF/UHF, repeaters and other lost causes

    From Kent Timm@1:229/728 to JIMMY ANDERSON on Fri Sep 23 17:12:00 2016
    There's half a dozen repeaters in London, the "main" one has quiet a range, I think it's 600 feet up on the local TV station's tower, I
    clear line of sight to it from where I sit right now. I've got it to
    in from my car on an China HT and a magmount 1/4wave 30 miles out and can still trip it at 40 but to weak to really talk.

    Very cool! Lots of traffic?

    Other then the 3 local nets, the repeaters are mainly silent. A couple repeaters I've never have hear being used execpting for testing.

    The local club's net and ARES get 3 or 4 check-ins typically, the saturday net gets half a dozen or so, it's running on a number of echolinked repeaters covering a good part of southern Ontario, I have heard it get to a dozen check ins. It's a shame that with the expense and time the people that run them put
    into them, that they aren't used more.
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