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    Good morning Allen,

    I have always had a preference for german radio, TV, household

    Strange this just came through tonight...

    There has been a crack somewhere in the Fidonet distribution.
    Two following days there came no, or only one msg in FN_SYSOP, and all
    except the HAM echo were absent.

    Germans make good stuff... made to last and made to be repaired.

    Yes, that was until they paid new enginers, to design things to have a
    limited life span.

    When I buy I usually look for Braun, Miele, Bosch... all stuff that
    will last a lifetime if taken care of.

    So do I, hoping that german quality control still works in some way.

    I still have all radio sets made by NordMende, Grundig and Siemens,

    No German TV will work in America. We don't make anything in
    America anymore.

    Yes I know, because US uses the NTSC (Never The Same Color) system, while
    in Europe, and most of the rest of the world, uses the PAL system.

    My HiFi gear is all american, with a Harman Kardon 630, a d:o cassette
    deck, a couple of AR-3a's, and a d:o turn table.

    I made an error in that paragraph. It's a HK 930 that I have, a
    neighbour has the 630.

    Harman Kardon is good but I thought they were made overseas.

    Yes, they are now, but when I bought mine, they were still made in USA.

    All of my stationary HF ham equipment is made in USA, while the trans-
    ceivers for VHF/UHF were made in Japan, and the SHF gear is home made.

    Have a nice day,


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