• RTL-SDR on steroids ;) for 20 USD

    From Richard Menedetter@2:310/31 to All on Sat Aug 20 13:32:00 2016
    Hi All!

    Maybe somebody is interested in the RTL-SDR software defined radio ultra cheap receivers.

    There is now a custom made dongle from rtl-sdr.com

    It has some nice features:
    * metal casing
    * direct sampling without modification (500 kHz-24MHz)
    * SW switchable bias tee to power LNAs, etc.
    * SMA connector

    Standard DVB-T Dongle 10 USD shipped
    This one 20 USD shipped.
    25 USD shipped for the steroids RTL-SDR and Antenna base + VHF/UHF Antenna + HF
    telescopic antenna.

    CU, Ricsi

    --- GoldED+/LNX
    * Origin: I think my bottle absorbed my Beer (2:310/31)