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    I still have just an HT, but was excited the first time I connected
    to a local repeater! I've since acquired a hand me down HF rig &
    home made antenna, but haven't hooked it up yet... Have to get a
    power supply and get it setup. :-)

    Yes, Aussies and other longer distant contact are always fun to get. Russia is a good one to get excited over also.

    Power supplies are always a big thing that doesn't get that much attention, if you can, get a linear power supply instead of a switching one. The modern switching ones are smaller, lighter, more efficent and can make a lor of RF noice that will show up as "birdies" though the bands. I'm sure some are better then others.. I have a old Drake PS7 linear power supply, it's huge, 33 POUNDS about the size of a breifcase and no RF birdies to interfere.

    Good info - thank yoU!

    When your on the HT bring up you're looking for a power supply once in
    a while, somebody might have one they'd be willing to part with. just
    be sure to test it first and that it can delived the Amps an HF radio needs. I'd recommend 25amps continious.

    Will do that!

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