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    Hi Kent and Timm,

    home made antenna, but haven't hooked it up yet... Have to get a
    power supply and get it setup. :-)

    Power supplies are always a big thing that doesn't get that much
    attention, if you can, get a linear power supply instead of a
    switching one.

    All modern rigs today are transistorized, and can be directly supplied
    from a 12V (13.8V) source. I have since many years back been using a stationary, or car battery, as a main power supply for all rigs.

    Parallel to that I have a linear 13.8V/19A power supply feeding the
    battery, set to 13.8V, only when I'm using the transceivers.

    This way I need only one power supply for all the rigs/appliances, that
    can be fed with 12, and I also have emergency power if/when needed.

    I have a old Drake PS7 linear power supply, it's huge, 33 POUNDS
    about the size of a breifcase and no RF birdies to interfere.

    Since I sold my Drake TR-4, only the Heathkit HA-14 PA Power supply
    needs direct mains voltage, since I don't have the mobile PS for it.

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