• Line length

    From Holger Granholm@2:20/228 to Allen Scofield on Sun Nov 22 08:58:00 2015
    In a message on Sunday 11-18-15 Daryl Stout said to Allen Scofield:

    Hi Allen,

    In talking with a fellow ham radio operator, I told him that "next
    thing you know, farting in public will be a capital offense"...to

    Hopefully it won't be too bad. I've been watching it move east and it's bee AS>bad in TX and now in Louisiana. I'm in southern Alabama about 25 miles nort AS>of the FL panhandle and we're in the severe zone for tomorrow during the AS>midday.

    Would you mind adjusting the line lenth of your messages. Just to show
    you how it looks to the receiver, I've set the line length of only this
    message to 80 chrs, in lieu of the normal 72 chr setting I use.

    and Daryl,

    The last letter is chopped off. It is not only your fault, but also an
    error in your editor to not adjust the quoted text to a proper line

    The text from you also has too long lines, but they just make it to the
    screen width, and my QWK editor adjusts the quoted text from you to a
    proper line length

    CU L8ER, Sam, OH0NC

    aka Holger

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