• Feedback on used HF options

    From Kostie Muirhead@1:342/17 to All on Wed Jun 10 23:17:47 2015
    I wasn't sure which area was the better bet for posting this, so apologies.

    I have a couple decent looking options that I can pick up for a HF rig, but as a novice was looking for some feedback on which might be more appropriate for a newbie, and which might last me through more of the growth cycle:

    Kenwood TS-430S - Still in original box and apparently only really used for a few field days since it was purchased. Does not come with any accessories other than mic and power cable. Good price though.

    Yaesu FT-101ZD - Looks like a MK0 as it does not have AM or FM modes, does have 4 FILTERS: - XF-10HW - XF-8.9HC - XF-8.9HS - XF-8.9HP Also comes with Power Supply, 2 Desk Mics, SWR Tuner. Price is a little higher than the Kenwood, but owner might be open to trade for some commercial equipment I have kicking around.

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