• Museum battleships

    From Allen Scofield@1:123/400 to All on Mon Jun 8 21:26:37 2015
    Anyone get in on the Museum Ships event this past Sat (June 6)? I was able
    to make a few contacts for my log.

    I took part of Saturday afternoon and set up a backyard station under my pop-up canopy! A deep-cycle battery, my Yaesu FT-900 HF rig, a laptop for logging, a fan for keeping cool (and the gnats/skeeters away). Radio was plugged into my 20M dipole hanging above my head. Oh, almost forgot, a cold Michelob Ultra for extra cooling and thirst control ;)

    Radio was strictly battery powered with a multi-meter tapped in to monitor the power drain as I was using the full 100 watts. Battery held up wonderfully
    all afternoon. Had an extension cord for the fan and laptop.

    My FT-900 is not used very much (Kenwood TS-940S is my main rig) but is a
    very capable AND nice radio and I received great signal reports from all contacts. It's small and a perfect quick setup rig.

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