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    The High School I went to had a Ham Shack that used a National NC-183d EV>Receiver.
    After I got interested in Amateur Radio I got a Hallicrafter S-38E.

    There isn't Any Comparison between what I had at home and the Schools EV>National Receiver, all I could do was drool wishing I could afford EV>something better than what I had.

    Years later I got a used Hallicrafter SX-42 for my shack.
    73 and wish You well with what You choose.

    Boy is that a Flash Back to the Past.
    I also was introduced to Ham Radio by my High School. In my Junior Year,
    1948, I decided to take one of the "Trade" courses offered. It was
    Called Day Trade Radio and it taught the theory of "Radio
    Electricity"(The Old Name for Electronics for the young kids out there)
    The Instructor had a ham licence ann as an Optional side course he
    taught the Ham Radio Licence Test material and Morse Code. I absorbed
    the Theory like a sponge but totally failed to Catch the rythum of CW.
    All was not lost though as in the summer between the my Junior and
    Senior years I got a job in a Radio Repair Shop. And in my Sneior year
    because i had a job I could take a special course that gave me credit
    for working afternoons at a paying job. It was not a free ride though
    as there were tests and reports to turn in.

    My First Shortwave reciever was also a Hallifcrafter S-38.
    In 1951 the local Draft board ended my civilian career

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