• WV Radio Museum

    From Ed Vance@1:2320/105.1 to All on Thu Jul 24 18:03:00 2014
    In West Huntington, West Virginia is the Museum of Radio and Technology
    and I saw Radio gear from Crystal Sets and
    TRF (iirc Tuned Radio Frequency) Radios, to what is used on the Ham
    Bands today in their Ham Shack, and (almost?) everything in between.

    Here is a Link I found for their web page:

    The Amateur Radio Antenna on their tower made my jaw drop when I got
    out of the car and saw it.
    It may be two antennas on the same Boom.???

    I didn't take a picture of it, but did see a photo of it on a Link at
    the web page.

    I could see Nine Elements in the photo and some of the Elements had
    Traps on them.

    The photo of their Antenna is next to the bottom in the column of
    pictures on the page You go to when You click on the line near the
    bottom of their page that says:

    ".Show me more pictures of the various display rooms at the museum."

    and I think
    clicking the line near the Photo of the building goes to the same URL.
    I didn't check that out b4 sending this message.

    WV8MRT is the Call Sign of their Ham Shack.

    ... Ham radio and computers: how long can the wife stand it?
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