• Re: mystic telnet

    From Seth Hurst@seth@vert.synchro.net to robert.wolfe on Fri Aug 5 07:47:07 2022
    On 8/4/22 17:55, Robert Wolfe wrote:
    On 8/1/2022 7:43 PM, Seth Hurst wrote to Fidonet.mystic_support:

    If not using telnet is mystic acting as a fido mailer? Hope my other
    post about newsgroups makes it to the base posted it over a nntp server before I found this base on fidonet.

    Yes, I use Mystic on fido.winserver.org as a Fido feed.
    --- Platinum Xpress/Win/WINServer v7.0
    * Origin: Spectrum BBS * spectrum.winserver.org (1:116/18.1)

    been trying to setup a bbs but wanting to not do telnet because of
    screen readers and tts opting for nntp access. Do newsgroups work the
    same way in mystic as echomail bases? I think there needs to be a bit
    more in the docs about this feature.