• Get me a lawyer!

    From Aaron Thomas@1:229/426 to All on Sat Sep 12 00:04:36 2020
    Anyone reading this stuff is probably tired of hearing me rant about Kamala not being black, but let me just rant about her relationship to Joe Biden for a minute:

    Kamala Harris said during the primary debates that she's in favor of
    legalized prostitution, and also in favor of bail reform.

    We all were waiting patiently for news of Joe Biden's sexual assault scandal, but I think Joe's on a path to getting that all squared away.

    If they end up with a Democratic majority senate this year, then they can pass their stupid prostitution legalization in time to make Joe exempt from the sexual assault allegation; he can literally say he paid her. (Tara Reade) Because technically, Joe did pay her a salary, and also technically he did sexually assault her.

    Or maybe that's over thinking it? I got Joe all wrong you say? Then maybe it's Kamala's acceptance of "bail reform" that tickles Joe Biden's lunch sack. If he gets arrested suddenly, for what he did to Tara Reade, then he won't have to worry about being in jail with all the black people he exploited, because he will get cashless bail in 24 hours or less, assuming that he move quickly on his bail reform bill, and that he gets the Democratic senate majority he'll need in order to be the first US president arrested on the job, along with First US president released on cashless bail.

    --- Renegade vY2Ka2
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