• Sprechen Sie Deutsch?

    From Lee Lofaso@2:221/360 to All on Sun Jun 28 03:19:29 2020
    Hello Everybody,

    Ja. We will all be speaking German soon.
    Each and every one of us. Those of us in
    Europe, as well as those of us who want
    to communicate with those of us in Europe.
    Which means all of us.

    https://www.politico.eu/article/we-will-all-be-speaking-german-soon -language-brussels/

    See what I mean? And George Orwell thought
    he was poking fun of Englishmen with his
    idea of Doublespeak. Oh. Almost forgot.
    Happy Birthday, George. 107 years old today.

    Gosh, 1984 was such a fun novel. Took him
    only a few days to write it. Doublespeak was
    his idea of poking fun of Basic English. But
    seems like Basic German is winning the day.


    Hands too small! Can't build a wall!

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