• Empty Promises

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    Empty promises.

    Make America Great Again.

    Go shout it to the mountain, old man.

    Source: NPR

    NPR's Investigations Team dug into each of the claims made from the
    podium that day. And rather than a sweeping national campaign of
    screening, drive-through sample collection and lab testing, it found
    a smattering of small pilot projects and aborted efforts.

    In some cases, no action was taken at all. Target did not partner with
    the federal government, for example.

    And a lauded Google project turned out to not to be led by Google at
    all, and then once launched was limited to a smattering of counties in California.

    The remarks in the Rose Garden highlighted the Trump administration's
    strategic approach: a preference for public-private partnerships. But
    as the White House defined what those private companies were going to
    do, in many cases it promised more than they could pull off.

    • Drive-Through Testing Largely Nonexistent At Retail Partners
    • Home Testing Promised, But Not Implemented
    • No Screening Website To Facilitate Drive-Through Testing

    "What became clear in the days and weeks or even in some cases
    the hours following that event was that they had significantly
    over-promised what the private sector was ready to do," said
    Jeremy Konyndyk, senior policy fellow at the Center for Global

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    https://www.npr.org/2020/04/13/832797592/a-month-after-emergency -declaration-trumps-promises-largely-unfulfilled

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