• The End

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    Hello Everybody,

    "This is The End. Beautiful friend. The End."
    ~ Jim Morrison, The Doors

    Famous last words.
    Singing in the bathtub.
    As his lover waited his return.

    While I am sure Jim died happy, with a smile on his face,
    not everybody in today's world will be so lucky given the
    news on the airwaves.

    Here is what Barack Obama's Medicare czar is saying about the
    crisis that is facing us all -

    America's hospitals will be overrun with coronavirus in just
    EIGHT DAYS: Obama's former Medicare boss issue dire warning

    Source: Daily Mail

    America's hospitals will be overrun with coronavirus in just
    EIGHT DAYS: Obama's Medicare boss issues dire warning as doctors
    say as many as 500,000 are already infected and 10 MILLION will need

    There are only 790,000 hospital beds 100,000 ICU beds total in all of
    the hospitals across the country. Dr. Marty Makary warned people not
    to believe the current figures that only 2,200 are infected. He says
    the true number is likely far more and that as many as half a million
    people already have it. Dr. Makary urged people to be more vigilant
    said 'we're about to experience the worst epidemic since polio'.

    Johns Hopkins predicts 9.6 million people will need to be hospitalized
    and 3 million will need ICU care. Doctors and nurses fear the hospital
    system, which is already overrun by the flu season, may buckle.
    In Italy, doctors are having to choose between critically ill people
    to treat because resources are short.

    America's hospitals will be overrun with coronavirus patients in just
    eight days and face months of strain, according to Obama's former
    Medicare boss.

    Andy Slavitt, former Acting Administrator of the Centers for Medicare
    and Medicaid Services, issued the dire warning on Twitter on Saturday
    along with a string of advice for the public, governments and health

    'Last night I was on with state & local officials around the US
    well into the night.' ... 'By March 23 many of our largest cities
    & hospitals are on course to be overrun with cases,' he wrote.

    Slavitt then listed highlights from the memo he had prepared which
    included telling people to self-isolate now, closing bars and
    restaurants, frantically sourcing medical supplies 'even from the
    black market' if necessary and gearing up for the 'tsunami' of
    patients that will soon arrive at hospitals.

    'The stakes are higher than any most of us have ever experienced:
    wars, 9/11, whatever,' he later added.

    Read more:

    https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8112063/America-braces -coronvirus-collapse-100-00-ICU-beds-10-MILLION-hospitalized.html

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