• Tulsi on Harris

    From aaron thomas@1:123/525 to All on Sun Dec 1 10:31:30 2019
    I like Tulsi Gabbard's tone. She complained about Harris prosecuting black people for marijuana, only to later go on about how she used to smoke it too. (Prosecutors don't go to jail.)

    She fell short of saying "Now Kamala wants reparations for the people she put behind bars." Tulsi needs to keep quiet about that detail, because in order
    to win in today's hand-out industry, challengers need to offer blacks and latinos a medium for retaliation against whites.

    The same way Trump stirs up emotions about patriotism and strengthening the economy, the Dems need to sir up anti-white emotions, and handout emotions,
    if they want to have any chance of defeating him. Kamala's got half of the package, but her history as a prosecutor won't taste good to cockroaches who feed on hatred.

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