• Appeasement

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    '"The basic principle of American diplomacy since the end of the
    Second World War is, when countries that are weak are facing
    adversaries that are armed with nuclear weapons, that's where we
    come in to help maintain freedom. That's what NATO was all about.
    And Ukraine's not a member of NATO. But these other Eastern European
    countries that border Ukraine, they are members of NATO. Their leaders
    told me in New York that this is like 1938 in Europe. They can see
    the appeasement and they can see what's coming, so this has global implications," he added.'

    https://www.arkansasonline.com/news/2019/oct/15/ex-commander-decries -trump-s-syria-deci/?

    This is the W we should have elected rather than the other W.
    And a thousand times better than what we have now.


    We Put Big Loads In Tight Places

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