• Exploitation

    From aaron thomas@1:123/525 to All on Thu Oct 3 08:51:04 2019
    I have a new prediction for the DNC's pick: Cory Booker.

    Why? Because he's already doing classic Democrat exploitation of the poor. He wants to increase welfare and foodstamps by 30% and remove the Obama imposed work requirement.

    His slogan is something like "Reduce child poverty." Does that sound
    accurate? I think "Exploit America's poor with emphasis on children" sounds more appropriate.

    How many lazy people will want to go to work when they know that all they
    have to do is vote for Booker and they get to eat steak and lobster for free?

    As with most Democrat promises, I'm sure there will be a "..but you have to vote me in for a 2nd term first" clause.

    I wouldn't want to give an expert any advice on exploiting the poor, but wouldn't it be even better if he went as far as to offer to bring back the paper foodstamps? Those are much easier for the poor to exploit; you can sell $1000 worth of them for $500 very easily, and you don't have to worry about getting your EBT card back from your sleazy associates.

    Plus there's the drunk bums who miss spending 10 cents to get 90 cents
    change. Booker's missing some serious opportunity there! But he's got time to work it into the details. It's been a long time (never) since he's lived in a poor neighborhood or been poor enough to worry about cashing in foodstamps,
    so he's a little rusty.

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