• Rep Ocasio-Cortez's Big Adventure

    From aaron thomas@1:123/525 to All on Wed Jul 3 20:57:53 2019
    Is it mysterious that Miss Cortez decided to take a field trip to an illegal immigrant detention facility? Who does that?

    I don't want illegal invaders to be mistreated by US officials. But how hard
    is it to illustrate an exaggerated view of what it's like inside?

    I think it's possible for such a facility to run out of bottled water, but
    what do they have to gain by torturing detainees? Lose their jobs? How many agents are going to risk losing their jobs in this manner? Sergeants? Lieutenants? People with promising careers going to give it all up carelessly?

    I don't believe it. Can't Alexandria invent a more powerful fake report?

    To top it all off, what is she doing to resolve the issue she says exists?
    What is anybody in congress doing to resolve it? They don't want to cooperate with border patrol's request for a wall, so they're not doing anything to
    stop the migrants. They also fall short of eliminating our southern border,
    so border patrol still has a job to do, which is to stop illegal migration.

    They (congress) put these victims in this situation, and now they're crying about it without trying to fix anything (other than upcoming elections.) Ignorance doesn't fix more ignorance; they're in for a rude awakening on election day. Poor migrants; they will suffer all along the way.

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