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    Hello Everybody,

    Why is US President Donald Trump so adamant in declaring
    that Iran will not be allowed to get nuclear weapons?
    What could he possibly be so scared of? It cannot be due
    to the fact that most Iranians are Muslim, as Pakistan has
    nuclear weapons. So what is it?


    The article cited was written in 2006. But nothing has changed
    much since then. Iran is still capable of developing nuclear
    weapons, and it would take them only a short period of time to
    do it.

    There are two main groups of Muslims in the world - Sunni and
    Shiite. Kind of like Protestants and Catholics. Both groups
    believe in the same thing, the difference being that Shiite
    Muslims have a vision of the Mahdi returning to lead them into
    battle in order to take Jerusalem from the infidels.

    Of course, once their Mahdi appears then all Muslims will be
    united and Jerusalem will be theirs as victory will be assured.

    Problem is getting their Mahdi to come out of hiding.

    Hence the need to sink a ship in the Persian Gulf.

    They tried to play nice, by merely damaging two ships.
    But that was not enough, as they soon found out.

    How long do you think they will wait until trying it again?

    Muslims who fail to live up to their expectations know what
    happens when the mullahs get word the ships are still afloat.

    I would hate to be in their shoes.

    OTOH, what happens if their Mahdi does not show up after
    the ships are sunk? Do they listen to the mullahs and keep
    on sinking ships? Or just gather up as many followers as
    can be found and start marching towards Jerusalem?


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