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    From Kevin Nunn@1:19/50.1 to Nicholaskwiatkowski@Gmail on Thu Jun 1 11:46:17 2017

    Have you had any luck running SIO2k on ArcaOS? I was putzing around
    with it for about a week and after I finally got it to work, it was
    really slow -- to the point where the traffic was unusable. I used SIO for years but it looks like it depends on the
    older MPTN tcp/ip stack from OS/2 3.5 and 4.0.

    I am using SIO 1.60d under ArcaOS5 with no issues at all. It worked
    fine under eComStation as well which I was running before upgrading to
    Arca. And before that OS/2 4 and 4.5 worked fine as well.


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