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    FP3UTILS.ZIP 386,137 10-24-99 19:52:32
    FP3Utils is a collection of Anti-Virus utilities from the
    F-Prot site (ftp.datafellows.com) to complement F-Prot v3.
    Some are Dis-infectors, others are special for Script AV
    scanning and automated Macro updates, etc. All FREEware.

    FPBSD460.ZIP 3,515,953 08-12-05 01:14:08
    F-Prot Anti-Virus v4.6.0 for FreeBSD (for WS:
    workstations) is Free for Personal Use only.
    Enclosed is fp-freebsd-ws-4.6.0.tar.gz and
    fp-freebsd-ws-4.6.0.tar.gz.md5 for authen-
    tication. Released Aug 8th 2005.
    Includes a number of bugfixes, improved
    scanning methods and some very important
    new features: automatic deletion of e-mail
    messages containing mass mailer worms,
    automatic quarantining of all executable
    attachments and extended configurability.

    E-mail FReqs available To: [1]@(2).{3} Subj: FREQ Body: FREQ <file>
    (2) bellsouth [1] fido4cmech {3} net

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