• Broadband Briatin Challen

    From Denise.Whiteside Broadban@1:278/230 to All on Sun Jun 1 22:00:00 2003
    The search is on to find Britain's brightest ADSL broadband users - people
    who have bettered their lives or the lives of others through the use of ADSL broadband technology at work, at home, in education or anywhere else!

    We are searching for all kinds of people using broadband in all kinds of
    ways - from entrepreneurs to volunteer fundraisers, from nursery nurses to Board Directors.

    If you've got it and are using it - you could be the champion we're looking for!

    The Broadband Britain Challenge has been created to recognise and celebrate
    the pioneers of broadband - each champion will be presented with a
    prestigious trophy at a V.I.P. ceremony and celebrity event.

    If you've got ADSL broadband you're in with a chance to be a champion, so go
    on - take the challenge!


    For more info call

    0800 587 7908.

    Or email
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